Bayaanada Shirkii Tol ee Awdal ka Dhacay


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WAR DEG-DEG AH: Gudiga Doorashada Madaxweyne Oo Shaaciyey Wakhtiga La Qaban Doono

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Perspective On The Controversial TLC Group. By Suleiman Egeh

The formation of community organizations is not something easy. It is a complex, multi-layered effort that compromises multiple layers and steps.

For an organization to work something similar to the following must be put in place:

1. First of all a leadership has to be identified and there must be a need for having an organization.

2. A main group of leaders that looks like the whole community must be thoroughly chosen.

3. The prospective community must have a common vision, and the particular things they need to create, improve, or change should have to be identified.

4. How to do that must be in the form of a plan that has to be formulated and put into place.

5. A well-thought of strategy that is destined for set goals, and agendas has to be put together. All the above named items should be put into action through something called an action plan.

6. The action plan has to put its plans into action, and after that the ensuing results have to be assessed and evaluated.

7. Last but not the least, everything that may potentially help or put an obstacle in front of your plan of action must be identified, and a way to circumvent it should have to be identified and put in place


In this piece I would like to put into a fair and just perspective on the Toll group, a rather new and obscure organization people hear very little about its agendas, purpose, and mission. Though fairly unknown, currently the group has precipitated so much controversy, defense, and counter defense in Borama. It is also rather bizarre why at this time they conducted an undeclared meeting in Borama. At this point, peaceful Somaliland, and the peaceful city of Borama for that matter did not need controversy, community discord, and disharmony. The piece is no way, shape or form, to disparage, degrade, or deride anyone, but is nothing but an honest personal perspective and observation.

What is a community organization?

It is n structure or organ where whereby a group of people that share some sort of interest, blood, religion organize themselves, and put in place mechanisms and devices to have that should have an impact or influence on policies, cultures, governments, and institutions that exist in their place of birth or dwelling. For any type of an organization to be viable utmost transparency, perseverance, and accountability has to be displayed.

The process of formation should be an open book whereby all the community members are to participate. The leadership, the rank and file or members should be open to all the people that dwell or live in that area that the community organization claims to be operating. Few people with certain agendas even positive ones coming together, and declaring to represent a certain community who know better, and safe guarding the well-fare, and well-being of those communities can’t be acceptable, credible and viable among the community. Any community organization coming to represent a certain community, and in this case the whole Gadaboursi clan family can’t be acceptable if formed under such circumstances. The above named prescriptions are exactly how the Toll group was initially formed, and subsequently acted. This group was hastily formed by a group of people. From the beginning many people have expressed their reservation from the group. For curiosity I have attended their first meeting, which could be considered a get together session for their formation. Some of my family members put a tremendous effort in the preparation for conducting its meeting. They were hoping this organization to become a unifying organ for the large and far-flung Gadaboursi clan family. Unfortunately the Toll group became as obscure and controversial as ever since the day of its day of inception.

The leader of that group and the man who triggered most of the alarm and concern among the Gadaboursi clan family, Mr. Samatar is currently a member of the selected parliament of the troubled, fractured and violence prone state of Somalia. When I heard about that I thought his controversial group should extinct and dead, as far as many Gadaboursi people are concerned. Even before he went to Muuqdisho, I thought the group has been already extinct for a long time. When I look back at the timing of the Toll group formation, and see where its leader and founder is today, a clear picture of their real agenda may come to mind. Many people will think the formation of the group was used for other agendas, purposes and goals, and Mr. Samatar’s sudden departure and quick embroilment in the intractable problems of former Italian Somalia is a lucid confirmation, and genuine witness of many Gadaboursi fears, and reservations about the group. In addition to that, I did not hear anything from the group since 2010. Now all of sudden they emerged in Borama. From video pictures of their Borama meeting, I saw a lot of new people who were not participants in the Minneapolis conference. That is really bizarre and strange, and I am asking what their sudden emergence and undeclared meeting in Borama is all about. Again the alarm, suspicion, and divisions they created is genuine and understandable. Moreover, I never heard when was its new leadership was formed. I hope this group should have acted like some of the organizations operating in Somaliland. They would have formed like a private group led by a small group of friends, or people with common interest, agenda, or goals. In conclusion regarding the circumstances of its formation, which for all practically purposes is closed, and the haphazard, and none transparent ways it selected its leadership, I personally think the TLC group is not a viable organization that is in a position to represent all the members of the Gadaboursi clan family. I suggest for founders of the group to think of making a rather personal organization that does not bear the name TLC, with has a narrower goals. The goals they declare are too broad, too ambitious, monumental, and too good to be true. Therefore, I believe the huffy goals they declared are much beyond their scope. Last but not least everybody would like to see the formation of a genuine, transparent, open, viable, and all inclusive organization for all the Gadaboursi clan family, but the current Toll group in its current structure is not that organization.


To my opinion, anything less than that would not become workable and viable. Therefore, in this difficult time, our area is going through, and the brewing tectonic plates around us, we really need and genuine, and viable organization that unifies our brains, efforts, muscles and voice for that matter. Let is work, and strive hard for such an organization. The TLC is not really that organization.

Suleiman Egeh a freelance writer and a senior science instructor

Gudoomiyaha Cusub Prof Jaawari Oo Kulankiisu Ugu Horeeyey Magacaabay Gudiga Doorashada Madaxweynaha Dalka Soomaliya

Muqdisho(SPN) Shirka maanta oo uu shir guddoominayay guddoomiyaha cusub ee baarlamaanka, Prof. Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan Jawaari ayaa waxaa sidoo kale lagu dhaariyay dhowr xubnood oo ka haray dhaartii baarlamaanka, inkastoo aan la dhaarin 15-kii xubnood ee ay ku jireen hoggaamiye kooxeedyada oo kulanka maanta goobjoog ka ahaa.

Bilowgii kulanka ayaa waxaa gudoomiyaha Baarlamaanka uu ka codsaday Xildhibaannada iney iska soo xulaan 15 xubnood kuwaasi oo noqonaya gudiga doorashada Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaaliga ah ee Soomaaliya kadibna waxa ay Xildhibaannadu iska soo xuleen 15 xubnood kuwaasi oo ay Xildhibaannada Baarlamaanku islamaanta ansixiyeen.

Guddiga doorashada madaxweynaha oo ka kooban min saddex xubnood oo ka yimid shanta beelood ee baarlamaanku ka kooban yahay Markii gudigaasi ay Xildhibaannada Baarlamaanku ansixiyeen ayaa Gudoomiyaha Baarlamaanka waxa uu Mudanayaasha Baarlamaanka ka codsaday in gudiga gudoomiye uu u noqdo General Muuse Xasan Cabdulle oo isagu ahaa gudoomiyihii KMGka ee Baarlamaanka arintaasina wey ka aqbaleen Gudoomiyaha Mudanayaasha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya taasi oo gudiga ka dhigeysa 16 Xubnood.

hadaba sidan ayey yihiin magacayada xildhibanada cayimidoona wakhtiga ay dhacayso doorashada madaxweynaha.

  1. Xildhibaan Jen. Muuse Xasan Cabdulle
  2. Xildhibaan Maxamed Cumar Maxamuud
  3. Xildhibaan Ibraahim Saalax Deyfullaah
  4. Xildhibaan Axmed Cismaan Ibaahim
  5. Xildhibaan Maxamed Sheekh Aadan Hiiraale
  6. Xildhibaan Daahir Amiin Jeesoow
  7. Xildhibaan Axmed Aadan Cabdiraxmaan
  8. Xildhibaan Cismaan Maxamed Cabdi (Daallo)
  9. Xildhibaan Axmed Aadan Axmed
  10. Xildhibaan Cismaan Libaax Ibraahim
  11. Xildhibaan Aweys Cabdullaahi Ibraahim
  12. Xildhibaanad Khadiijo Maxamed Diiriye
  13. Xildhibaanad Maryan Cariif Qaasim
  14. Xildhibaanad Saynab Maxamed Caamir
  15. Xildhibaanad Sacdiyo Careys Ciise
  16. Xildhibaanad Muumino Sheekh Cumar

Guddigan ayaa waxaa ansixiyay 200 oo xildhibaan, hal mudane ayaa diiday saddex kalena way ka aamuseen, iyadoo guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka uu ku dhawaaqay in guddigan ay ansax yihiin ayna howshooda wadan karaan.


Shirweynihii TOL Oo Xalay La Soo gabagabeeyey Iyo Bayaano Laga Soo Saaray Shirka

Boorama(SPN) waxaa xalay lagu soo gababa gabeeyey shirweynihii ururka TOL ugu soconayey Hotel Rays kaas oo ay ka soo qayb galeen dhamaan beelaha ku abtirsada Awdal,Salel iyo Gabiley kuwaas oo isuga jiray wasiiro,xildhibaano,Saladiin.aqoonyahano,Culimo-awdiin iyo dhamaan bulshada qayba- heega kala duwan. oo dhamaantood ka soo jeedyiyey xidhantaanka shirkan mahadnaq baladhaan

hadaba halkan ka akhriso bayanada laga soo saaray shirkan


• In wixii khilaafaad jira noocuu doonoba ha ahaadee sida ugu dhakhso badan loo waajaho, loona xaliyo, si tolku hore ugu socdo, iyadoo wax kasta laga hormarinayo danta guud ee tolka.

• In, Madax-dhaqameedyada tolku midoobaan, talada tolka ee guudna meel isugu keenaan. Hawshaana ergooyinka shirku waxay isku raaceen in iyaga laga sugo, wixii wada tashi oday-dhaqameedyadu uga baahan yihiin bulshada inteeda kalana diyaar loola noqdo.

• In la dhiso gole la taliyayaal ah oo ka socda gudo iyo dibadba, kana kooan aqoonyaho iyo ulshada rayidka ah inteeda kale.


a) Furo xarun lagu sameeyo daraasaad joogto ah oo lagu ogaado hadba baylahda jirta
b) Isku xidho qaybaha kala duwan ee TOLKA iyo deggaanadiisa.
c) Golahaas oo awoodiisu tahay mid la taliye ah (Adversory council)
d) Golahaasina waa inuu ahaadaa mid ku kooban talooyinka guud ee TOLKA.
e) In golahaasi ka koobnaado 20-59 xubnood oo ka kala yimaada deggaanada TOLKA oo idil
f) In xubnaha golhaas lagu soo xulo kartidooda iyo aqoontooda oo aan lagu xulin beelo.


• In wixii tabasho ah ee TOLKU leeyahay nooc kasta ha ahaatee ay xaq u leeyihiin in si aan gabasho lahayn loogala xisaabtamo cidkasta oo ay khusayso.
• In TOLKU sii xoojiyo nabadgalyada, deganaashaha iyo ehelnimada iyaga dhexdooda ah iyo tanka dhexaysa iyaga iyo beelaha kale ee ay dal, duunyo iyo danba wadaagaan
• In la xidhiidhiyo mudnaanna la kala siiyo mashaariicda TOLKA ee dhinaca horumarka (coordination and prioritization of TOL development projects).

• In la dhiso guddi fulineed ku meelgaadh ah oo ka kooban 12 xubnood oo dabagala bayaanada shirka iyo hirgalintooda muddo ku siman hal sano”

Boqor Raabi C/laahi Oo Ka Mid Ah Saladiinta Somaliland Gaar Ahaan Magalada Hergeisa Ee Sida Xawliga Ah UGu Sii Qulqulaya Muqdisho

Hergeisa(SPN) Boqor Raabi Yuusuf C/laahi(Dakhare), oo ka mid ah Madax dhaqameedka Somaliland gaar ahaana Deegaanka Koonfurta Barrie e Hargeysa ayaa la xaqiijiyay doraad inuu ka degay magaaladda Muqdisho.

Ilaa hada lama oga sababta uu Boqor Raabi uga degay magaaladda Muqdisho xilli ay dhamaatay hawshii looga baahnaa Somaliya inay madax dhaqameedku u soo xulaan xubnaha Baarlamaanka iyo Ansixinta Dastuurka ka qayb qaadanaya.

Boqor Raabi ayay tagitaankiisu ku beegmaysaa Xili Madax dhaqameedkii hore u joogay lagu Amray inay ka baxaan Huteeladda ay ku jiraan, inkasta oo uu Madaxweyne Sh Shariif balanqaaday inuu isagu kharashkooda bixinayo inta ay Doorashooyinku dhamaanayaan.

Boqor Raabi C/laahi ayaa hore u tagay Somaliya iyadoo mar lagu xidhay magaaladda Baydhabo, wakhtigaas oo ay Xukuumadda Somaliland Xabsiga dhigtay, balse markii danbe la sii daayay.

Boqor Raabi waa Madax dhaqameed ku hawlan arrimaha Ganacsiga iyo Siyaasadda intaba mana cada wakhtigan sadexdaas hawlood mida uu u tagay Muqdisho.

dedweynaha ku dhaqan somaliland gaar ahaan magalada hergeisa ayaa shiki ka muujiyey shaqsiyaadka reer somalilans haday siyaasiyiin yihiin iyo saladiinba ee sida hadh iyo habenka ah ugu sii jeeda magalada madaxda somaliya ee muqdisho iyo xayiraad la,aanta ka jirta  mamulka soamliland.


Shirwaynihii Ururka TOL Uga Socday Boorama Si Guul Leh Loo Soo Gabagabeeyey iyo Saladiinta Oo Mahadnaq Ka Soo Jeedisay

Borama(SPN) Shirwaynaha Ururka Tol oo mudaba kasocday magaalada Boorama ayaa si habsami ah loogu soo gaba gabeeyay  munasibada soo afmeerida shirwaynaa Ururka Tol ayaa ay kasoo qayb galeen wasiiro ka tirsan xukuumada   Somaaliland Xildhibaanada Golayaasha qaranka qaarkood Hogaamiye dhaqmeedyo Culimada magaalada Borama aaxgarad iyo hawee .

Gudoomiyaha Ururka Tol Leedership Council Yuusuf Adan Qaalib ayaa ku dheeraaday qiimaha shirkani u lahaa dhamaanba kasoo qayb galayayaasha kusugnaa iyo dhamaanba cida kale oo ka maqnayd iyaga oo xubnaha ka qayb qaadanayaa ay mataliyeen bulshada inteeda kale ee ku dhaqan daafaha wadamada dunida  ee ku abtirsata  Tolka  waxaanu dareenkiisa ku sheegay  inuu yahay maanta halkii ugu saraysan abid door bidayna  inuu markale shirwayne cayn kani oo kale ah .

Hogaamiye dhaqmeedyadii kasoo qayb galay kulankaasi oo munasibada ka hadlay  sida Saleebaan Cali ismaaciil   Suldaan C/raxmaan Jaamaca dhawal Sheekhuladka Sh C/lahi Sh Cali Jawhar  iyo Suldaan Ibraahim jaamaca samatar  ayaa shaaca ka daaqay inay fulin doonaan qodobada kasoo baxaxa shirwaynaha  ay soo qaban qaabiyeen Ururka Tol kuna Tilmaamay mid loobaahnaa  halka Sh C/laahi uu shaaca ka qaaday  inay duuduub ku qaadan doonaan qodobadani

Wasiiro  katirsan  Xuukamaliland Sida wasiirka wasaarada Dib u dajinta Crisaaq Cali Cismaan  iyo Wasiir ku xigeenka wasaarada waxbarashada Cali Xaamud Jibriir ayaa sheegay inay xukuumada diyaar u tahay Aqoon yahano  taakulaysa shacabka horumarinta tabanaya si iskaashigu isusoo taro.

Sidoo kale waxaa shahaado sharaf lagu gudoonsiiyay Pro: Saleebaan AXmad Guuleed Gudomiyaha Jaamacada  Camuud  loogu aqoon saday inuu yahay shakhsiga  ah aabaha tacliinta sare ee soomaaliyeed   kadib markii uu dadaalo dheeraad ah u so galay Tacliinta oo tabanaysay  Cid taakulo kasiisa wakhti  uu marxalad adag gashay waxbarashada deegaanda Somaliland iyo Guud ahaabna Deegaanada Lagaga hadlo Afka soomaaliga.